Bergen County Republican Freeholder Candidates Call for End to Common Core in NJ

HACKENSACK – Adding their voices to the ever-growing effort to end Common Core in New Jersey today are Bergen County’s Republican candidates for Freeholder: John Mitchell, Ken Tyburczy, and Daisy Ortiz-Berger.

Common Core has been widely criticized by parents, teachers, and school administrators alike for its focus on teaching for test results rather than teaching children critical thinking skills – as well as core competencies – that will help them succeed in life.

“Our commitment to repealing Common Core is nothing new,” Mitchell said. “During my time on the Board of Freeholders, I introduced a resolution decrying the negative effects of Common Core, and it was passed unanimously by Republicans and Democrats. That was the first time a Board of Freeholders took this position in New Jersey.”

The Republican candidates stated that opposing Common Core is yet another example of how they will stand with the people of Bergen County when it comes to doing what is right. “We share the same goals for Bergen County’s children as any parent: a quality education, safe communities to grow up in, and a bright future. But it is clear that both education professionals and parents know Common Core is not the way to achieve those goals,” Daisy Oritz-Berger said. “This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, and we stand with the people of Bergen County in their effort to focus on real teaching, not simply teaching to the test.”

The Republican team pointed to Common Core as another example of government overreach that doesn’t result in the positive outcomes desired.

“Common Core is the same type of big-government- knows-better program that ends up costing taxpayers more while delivering no results or worse results,” Tyburczy explained. “The people of Bergen County are tired of paying ever higher taxes and getting less for their money. We believe they shouldn’t have to, which is why we oppose Common Core as well as the overspending by the current Board that is resulting – once again – in county property tax increases.”